Women in Data Sciences Zurich (WiDS) is a two-day technical conference featuring engineering and business leaders from companies at the forefront of data science.
It aims to inspire and educate data scientists worldwide, regardless of gender, and support the women in the field. Originally started at Stanford, USA, the conference has spread to more than 100 locations reached 50+ countries in 2018.

Our first WiDS Zurich 2018 conference featured 16 speakers and was endorsed by Google, IBM, Microsoft, Axa, UBS, Novartis, BCG, McKinsey, ETH Zurich and others. More than 200 participants enjoyed a day of great keynotes, enlightening tech talks, mentorship lunch sessions and networking. Travel grants were awarded to 40 participants. Learn more about the past conference.

This year we we aim to give out up to 100 travel grants for women worldwide to join us in Zurich, in addition to expanding our speakers list to 20+ speakers and mentors and extending the conference programme from 1 to 2 days.

Furthermore, there will be two additional projects: an art exhibition featuring artwork at the intersection of AI and art and launching a movie grant for filmmakers to create short 5-20 min movies (animated, AR, VR...) on the topics of machine learning, data science and women in the field.


People behind WiDS Zurich


WiDS Zürich Board


president in action and treasurer

Leonie Hodel

Master Student, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, ETH ZURICH

Leonie completed her Bachelor studies in Biology at the ETH Zürich. After studying Computer Science at the University of Zürich for a year, she began her Master degree in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics at the ETH Zurich again. She is working on several research projects and is an undergraduate teaching assistant in computer science.  



vice preisdent

Rosa Visscher

phd Student, Institute for Biomechanics, ETH Zurich

Rosa is a PhD student in Neuromuscular Biomechanics at the Laboratory for Movement Biomechanics, Institute for Biomechanics, ETH Zurich in Switzerland. Together with the University Children's Hospital Basel, she is developing a model for predicting gait outcomes after treatment in children with neuromusculoskeletal disorders.



Aleksandra Gebicka


Aleksandra is a PhD candidate in Law at the University of Zurich, focusing on legal responses to technological advances driven by data science. She has completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in European Law at King’s College London (LL.B), the University of Zurich (Erasmus), the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (LL.M) and Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas (Maîtrise). Her main areas of research are EU Competition Law and developments in financial technologies.




Akhila Ananth

Technical analyst, rbc, new york city, usa

Akhila is currently a technical analyst at RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Capital Markets. She recently graduated from Carleton University with a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and a minor in Business. She loves creating DIY solutions to everyday problems and learning new languages (both languages related to programming and languages used for conversation). She is currently working on her public speaking, writing, running and generally keeping a consistent routine.




Francesca Vitalini

Solutions Consultant, Mirai Solutions GmbH, zurich

Francesca is a physicist by training, with a PhD in computational biophysics from Freie Universität Berlin. Her international and interdisciplinary experience has exposed her to multiple projects where she could apply and develop her technical skills. Currently, Francesca is working as a Solution Consultant in the financial sector in Zurich.



Larissa Laich


Larissa is a Masters student in Computer Science at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland. In her Masters, she is focussing in software engineering and machine learning and is fascinated by data science. Larissa did an internship at Google, Apple and Bloomberg and a research internship at the Visual Computing Center at KAUST.



Natalie Barcicki

Master Student, bioinformatics, ETH Zurich

Natalie completed her Bachelor studies in Operations Research at Princeton University in the US. After developing an interest in the intersection of computation and medicine, she began her Master degree in bioinformatics at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland. She is currently working on a thesis that applies machine learning methods to biomedical data with the larger vision of improving healthcare. She believes in the power of data to open up new frontiers in the field.



Idil Kanpolat

Junior Software Engineer, Comerge, zurich

Idil graduated from Information Technology and Electrical Engineering Masters program of ETH Zurich. During her studies, she focused on deep learning where she worked on GANs, NLP, multi-modal learning. She did an internship in the Signal Processing Laboratory of EPFL and in the Computer Vision Laboratory of POSTECH. She finds the power of data and the impact it can have on humanity fascinating.



Anna Volokitin

PhD student, the Computer Vision Lab, ETH ZURICH

Anna is a PhD student in the Computer Vision Lab at ETH Zurich. She earned her Masters in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London and was a visiting researcher at MIT. Her research interests are understanding how current machine learning methods are similar and different to learning in humans and hierarchical compositional models.  

Anna's ETH website


Mirna Kramar

Phd student, mpi-ds Goettingen, Germany

Mirna is a final year PhD student at the Max Planck Institute in Göttingen, Germany. She is a biophysicist by training and studies biological networks from experimental and theoretical point of view. Witnessing the importance of data in research first hand, she got intrigued by data science. She is also passionate about teaching and loves generating enthusiasm for science and learning in general.



Michael Wiegner

Master student, compUter science, ETH Zurich

Michael is a Masters Student in Computer Science at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland, after having pursued his undergraduate studies in Germany and Japan. His main areas of interest are an intersection of Machine Learning and Software Engineering. Since a young age, Michael has been fascinated by languages, which is why he has conducted research in Natural Language Processing.



Bianca-Cristina Cristescu

Master student, compUter science, ETH Zurich

Cristina is a doing an internship in the Knowledge Graph team at Google Zurich and finishing her Masters in Computer Science at ETH Zurich where she focused on machine learning and computational sciences. She previously worked at CERN for their data analysis platform and completed her Bachelor studies in computer science at the University of Manchester in the UK. She believes the data science is the revolution of our days.


Graphic designer

Zana Mrsa

GRAPHIC Designer, zagreb, croatia

Zana Mrsa is a graphic designer based in Zagreb, Croatia. She graduated at Faculty of Graphic Arts on University of Zagreb. Since then, she worked at several prominent design studios, where she served as Art Director and helped design the award-winning visuals. She enjoys creating new identities and takes lots of time for choosing the right color and good typography.

Behance, Dribble



Mara Drozdova

ILLUSTRATOR, riga, latvia

Mara Drozdova is an illustrator based in Riga, Latvia. She graduated from Audio Visual Media Art Masters program of Art Academy of Latvia. Mara appreciates every chance to use her skills for raising awarness of strong social and ethical couses. Through her confident characters she founds exciting to inspire people to be better version of themselves.

Behance, Dribble


A special thank you goes to antonija burcul, Charlotte Bunne and lidia freitas who, after successfully organising the 2018 edition of WiDS Zurich, continued their support the organisational efforts of the 2019 team.