People behind WiDS Zurich


The organising team


Rosa Visscher


Rosa is a master student in Health Science and Technology at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland. She did her Bachelors in Human Movement Science at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Next to her study she works for the Swiss Concussion Centre where she is using machine learning to increase the current understanding of concussion. For her previous research she got funded by the Marco Polo fund, the Hadders-Cock fund and the VSB fund. She was also awarded the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Award from the ETH Zurich foundation and got the prize for best poster presentation in public health at the international (bio)medical student congress in 2016. She is motivated to further implement artificial intelligence in healthcare to increase patient quality of life and reduce healthcare costs.


Charlotte Bunne

Charlotte Bunne

Master Student, BIOINFORMATICS, ETH Zurich

Charlotte is a master student in Bioinformatics at ETH Zurich. Previously, she studied Biosciences at Heidelberg University, Germany. As youngest team member, she participated in the iGEM competition in 2014 in Boston, US. Her team won the Grand Prize and several special prices. She already gained work experience as an intern at IBM Research, research assistant and voluntary member of various associations. For her achievements in science, studies and social commitment, she was invited to become a member of the elite German Academic Scholarship Foundation, awarded the MINT Excellence scholarship and the Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Programme of the ETH Foundation. In her free time, she enjoys rowing.



Lídia Freitas

Master StudenT, computer science, ETH Zurich

Lidia is a master student in Computer Science at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland. Her love for computer science grew as she found out that the opportunities and possibilities it offers are nearly endless, besides being practical, fun and relevant. She did a research internship at Disney Research tackling problems in Deep Learning applied to Computer Vision. Her dream is to use CS and data science to solve the world’s toughest challenges.



Anastasia Makarova

PhD student, Machine Learning Institute, ETH ZURICH

Anastasia is a PhD student at the Machine Learning Institute of the ETH Zurich. She completed her BSc, MSc in mathematics at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and another MSc in computer science at Skoltech. Throughout her student years, Anastasia has gained research experience in machine/deep learning and computer vision working at Columbia University NYC, Yandex, Skoltech.



Natalie Barcicki

Master Student, bioinformatics, ETH Zurich

Natalie completed her Bachelor studies in Operations Research at Princeton University in the US. After developing an interest in the intersection of computation and medicine, she began her Master degree in bioinformatics at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland. She is currently working on a thesis that applies machine learning methods to biomedical data with the larger vision of improving healthcare. She believes in the power of data to open up new frontiers in the field.


Vesna Planko

CEO, Vidsey

Vesna is a CEO of Vidsey and they are attacking ad creation with deep learning. She is also CEO of Habitual., a user experience agency specialised for banking and finance apps. Before she was Lead UX/UI at Moni Technologies ( and was solving usability challenges in the remittance market. Using a user-centred design approach, she is building great UX architectures. She also won the Best Design Award at LAUNCH Festival 2014 San Francisco with Dattch (now Her) and has 10+ years of experience, both agency- and client-side.


Leonie Hodel

Master Student, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, ETH ZURICH

Leonie completed her Bachelor studies in Biology at the ETH Zürich. After studying Computer Science at the University of Zürich for a year, she began her Master degree in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics at the ETH Zurich again. She is working on several research projects and is an undergraduate teaching assistant in computer science.  



Anna Volokitin

PhD student, the Computer Vision Lab, ETH ZURICH

Anna is a third year PhD student in the Computer Vision Lab at ETH Zurich. She earned her Masters in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London and was a visiting researcher at MIT.   Her research interests are understanding how current machine learning methods are similar and different to learning in humans and hierarchical compositional models.  

Anna's ETH website


Bianca-Cristina Cristescu

Master Student, COMPUTER SCIENCE, ETH Zurich

She finished her Bachelor at the University of Manchester, UK in Computer Science and worked at CERN for the data analysis framework. In the light of the revolution that Data Science can create, she started her Master degree at ETH focusing on Machine Learning and Computational Science. The passion driving this is the potential application and the fascination that data science brings.



Elsy Ngwa

Postdoc, INSTITUTE OF Microbiology, ETH ZURICH

Elsy is a postdoc in Microbiology at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland. She is a holder of a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Westminster, London, UK and a PhD in Microbiology from the ETH. Through her studies and work experiences, she has collected and analysed data in the context of non-communicable diseases, malaria and Chlamydia research and control.





Zsofi Lang


Zsofi Lang is an illustrator based in Brussels. She draws infographics, maps, makes visuals for publications, and also does live graphic recording at events. Whether she works live at a conference or in her studio, her goal is to understand the client’s needs and offer visual solutions that are concise, effective and leave a lasting impression.