Breakout sessions

Breakout sessions are a set of parallel hour-long sessions with speakers targeting a smaller audience of participants. The goal of breakout sessions is to provide a more friendly, engaging and networking-stimulating environment for all participants.


Head Information Standards & Governance, Director at Swiss Re, Zurich

  1. Perception is Reality

When it comes to women in workforce perception is reality, even more in tech related environments.  The impression you can make on others make a huge impact to the response and respect you get. Let's focus in this interactive sessions on how to train yourself for the perception you want to make and get your focus on detailed behaviors you might encounter in your personal interaction.


Interpersonal skills trainer and coach, Zagreb, Croatia

2. Life Design - Create a life you love

If you are wondering “What should I do with my life?” or “What would be the best next steps for me?”, this is the perfect workshop for you!
Life can, and should, be meaningful, exciting, fulfilling, and that it is important to take time to question and plan to make sure that we are intentionally building such life.
How would you like to take a 90 minutes focused to re-design your life - to refocus on what matters to you most, to review your life vision, and clarify your goals, at the same time making them motivating, inspiring and impactful? This workshop is here to help you understand what a life well-lived is for you and how you can create it, embody it, fulfil it, play with it, love it and live it – make it unfold in the way that works best for you.

Team Head Recruiting, UBS Switzerland


3. Find your strengths

Do you know that "one thing" that you are passionate about that's supposed to guide your career and life choices? I don't. But I know my signature character strengths and they help me develop my passion, focus on my best and the best of others. Join this workshop to discover your strength and start a journey in life design.

Program Manager at Google, Zurich

Senior Technical Program Manager at Google, Zurich


4. #IamRemarkable

#IamRemarkable strives to empower women and underrepresented groups to speak openly about their accomplishments in the workplace and beyond, thus breaking modesty norms and glass ceilings.