Art exhibition

In the WiDS 2019 art exhibition, creators are tackling the complex ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) and creative domains such as art, design, play, and performance intersect. The increasing prominence of AI in our everyday lives has prompted artists to delve into thought provoking aesthetic experiments and projects that challenge our visions of the world and technology’s role in our society. Machine learning is reimagined, juxtaposed, and digitally manipulated through the eyes of some truly inspiring female artists.
”They imagine a future where AIs become improvisation partners, cat governors and mystic prophecy machines. Yet they also reflect on AI now and the issues of human labour and the machine-centric interpretation of the world.” - from the website of Luba Elliot

Luba Elliott

Luba Elliott is a curator, artist and researcher specialising in artificial intelligence in the creative industries.

Luba’s website